About Us
Welcome to MutualMarkets
& the magic of Co-Marketing
Welcome to the world’s first Co-Marketing Platform. Here, you can search and discover partners that share your values and possess loyal audiences and engage your consumers in an exciting and fresh way via co-marketing. By unlocking the power of co-marketing to improve your ad results you will increase your short term success and long term brand health. Modern consumers prefer nimble brands who can co-market easily and often.
With unrivaled technology, MutualMarkets brings co-marketing into the digital age. The AI-powered SmartBurst Platform turns what was an analog process relying on phone calls and tedious negotiations over standard terms into a modern way to form brand alliances, create and deploy inspired digital ads that will help you exceed your KPI goals without having to lean heavily into invasive tracking data as you try to win over consumers.

 At MutualMarkets, we harness artificial intelligence to provide you with partner choices doing in seconds what previously took months. We give you the means to research and rank the choices to see who would make the best partner given your goals. We provide easy, standard terms to engage in what we call short burst - 30/60/90 day - co-marketing ad campaigns. Everything you need to join forces and launch and ad campaign with another brand is available on mutualmarkets.
This is what modern marketing looks like.